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Benjamin Bubb is an up and coming independent musician in the ambient and electronic genres, graphic designer, blog writer, and an avid seeker of truth through music’s healing powers.


ORIONSPHERE is an eclectic musical journey into the universe, nature, space and the ether. Sit back, relax and turn it up. Combining music keyboards, nature sounds and original compositions.

Insight Timer

My music is now on INSIGHT TIMER a popular Music App! Check it out today and download from iTunes or Google Play.

The Fountain of Peace (EXTENDED REMIX)

A few people have requested an extended version of my song The Fountain of Peace, and it is now available. Enjoy!

I am Benjamin Bubb, a multi-talented individual who produces electronic music, audio dramas, podcasts, writes a blog, and is a rant expert! I follow my OWN path and aim to produce the best content possible for the public. Please support my music and download below from iTunes! Thank you.

Do you enjoy FREE stuff? Then check out my music on Bandcamp with a selected sampling of my discography absolutely free to download.