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Benjamin Bubb is an up and coming independent musician in the ambient and electronic genres, graphic designer, blog writer, and an avid seeker of truth through music’s healing powers. His music is relaxing, soothing, uplifting and is composed from his heart and soul. This music is raw, pure, and refined, as each piece is recorded with no expectations or pre-writing before the session. Benjamin lovingly records and edits every song using improvisational techniques to ensure the most touching, gentle, including transformational of compositions.

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NEW RELEASE: “Heavenly Grace” Double Album!

HG Artwork (Backup)

CLICK HERE to download! | Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, eMusic, Muve Music, Spotify and many other stores! You may also download & preview some of the album below in the player.

Ambient, electronic, and space music designed for relaxation, meditation as well as inner reflection. Allow this flowing music to relieve any stress or tension, breathe in the love from this heartfelt collection of songs. A special tribute project to Gladys Kress Bubb.

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  1. I love this upcoming release, your tribute to Gladys Bubb; and happily await the completion of this gorgeous website! Thank you, for all the goodness you bring to your Fans!

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