calmscape 3 OfficialRejuvenating ambient music with layered synthesizers, flutes, relaxing sound effects, including binaural beats to entrain the brain into an alpha state. SINGLE SONG. itunesAmazon

inpeacenewGentle melodies composed from the heart at a relaxing tempo will help you unwind and become centered. SINGLE SONG. itunesAmazon

Playing In Space Front Cover-01Mellow space music that travels into the heart of our universe composed with synthesizers, instruments, experimental sounds, and keyboards. Experience the true meaning of stillness with this uniquely pristine space music soundtrack. DEBUT ALBUM. itunesAmazon

Night of the Full Moon Cover ArtJust like the moon this space music is mysterious, a bit intense, and mildly calming. Enchanting synthesizers capture the beautiful vibrations of a surreal full moon night. SINGLE SONG. itunesAmazon

COVER ART New - OFFICIAL USEDCombining soothing ambient music, nature sounds, binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies, this sleep-aid encourages deep relaxation and a restful night of slumber. SECOND ALBUM. itunesAmazon

Uplifting trance tunes with ambient and space music influences intertwined throughout each composition. This positively happy music will have you tapping your foot wanting to dance. 4-TRACK EP. itunesAmazon

HG Artwork (Backup)Ambient, electronic, and space music designed for relaxation, meditation as well as inner reflection. Allow this flowing music to relieve any stress or tension, breathe in the love from this heartfelt collection of songs. FOURTH ALBUM. itunesAmazon

BR Cover Art“Brain Refresher” is a special mix of ambient music, delta and theta brainwave entrainment, and soothing ocean waves. *Exclusive Limited-Edition Release. SINGLE SONG. cdbabyInto the Light Official Cover art PNG** NEW RELEASE 6/9/15 ** Bringing together a variety of genres into one album experience, including deep ambient, psy-trance, techno, electronic and orchestral influences. INTO THE LIGHT combines all of my previous experience with composing and takes it to another level! Harmonious, emotional and deep music for the soul. FIFTH ALBUM. itunesAmazon

THE LOST TRACKS Artwork Final JPEG“The Lost Tracks” what are those, and why are they lost? It’s self-explanatory, these tracks are pieces of music that never fit in any particular project, until now. From sweeping ambient to lush and heartfelt space music, “The Lost Tracks” have now been found! *Available exclusively for download on CD Baby, coming soon to Spotify, Rdio, Google Play, XBOX, Beats Music and Nokia.cdbaby

Into the Heart of Space JPEG NEW 4As an electronic artist of experimental sounds, space music has always one of my all-time favorites! I wanted to create a piece that was warm and inviting, deeply spacey and interstellar that awakens the senses. Delicate layers of sonic frequencies join together to bring an appealing adventure in the heart of space. Enjoy your journey!  cdbabyStellar Voyage Artwork JpegExplore the depths of the Universe by going on your own private trip with STELLAR VOYAGE, a twenty-minute ambient soundtrack! Sweeping ambient pads, experimental sounds, and synthesizers accompany you as the stars, planets and vast openness of Space beckon you to partake of its treasures. itunesAmazonHoliday Calm JPGThe holiday season can be hectic and stressful, that is why “Holiday Calm” was composed! Slow synth pads entice you to take a step back, to remember what this time of year is all about. cdbabyEgypt Cover Art Official

All music is composed, recorded, mixed, produced and Copyright © 2011-2016, Benjamin Bubb, All Rights Reserved. Artwork is also created by Benjamin Bubb.