Brand new album for the Beginning of a New Year – January 5, 2018!

OM Peace is a special collection of five tracks designed to help you become more balanced if you’re feeling ‘off’ or ungrounded. Using frequencies to assist the root center of our bodies (256Hz for the root chakra) to regain control of our mind, emotions and energy. These pieces feature Benjamin Bubb’s vocals in the background at a deep frequency note, deep sounds can help re-balance us. Ambient pads, synth flutes and harps, nature sounds and brainwave entrainment in select pieces will bring you to a place of inner peace through sound.

Unfortunately life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…the daily grind and stress of our lives including environmental pollution, chemicals, noise, etc. can cause us to experience an im-balance in our energetic fields. Anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, depression and being worn out seems to be the new “norm,” and sadly it comes at a cost to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as humans. When we push ourselves THAT much that we begin to tear down, it compromises our immune systems and puts our lives in jeopardy. Literally! Thereby this is why Sound Healing and the use of MUSIC is SO important to keeping the stress at bay, and to assist balance, renewal, and stress-relief. OM Peace is here to help you attain the inner peace you need each day.

OM Peace utilizes, in certain pieces BINAURAL BEATS and SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES, sound healing techniques that have been proven to bring a sense of peace, harmony, and healing to our minds and bodies. It’s fast, effective and safe with no side effects! OM Peace focuses on the Root Chakra which resonated at 256Hz, and also the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency which has been touted as a “healing frequency” to activate our natural healing abilites to unwind, let go of tension, thus permitting ourselves to heal naturally with no drugs or harsh chemicals. OM Peace will gently guide your energy into a peaceful state, the tracks were arranged in such a way that will assist in the activation of your inner PEACE…this is simply a tool, YOU do all the work!

Track listing information:
1. OM Peace – The title track of the album, combining soothing rain sounds to help relieve stress, OM vocals by Benjamin Bubb, and synth pads and keyboards. This track eases the listener into the following tracks, great for relaxation or a short meditation.
2. Quick Refresher (Grounding) – 256 Hz brainwave entrainment with cheery flutes, harp, and OM vocals with a gentle mix of water sounds…designed for casual listening, an invitation to LET GO of any tensions, anxieties and worries.
3. Grounding Light Ray (Original Mix) – Featuring pure music without nature sounds, this piece is deep, expansion, and relaxing all at once; helps you connect to stability, grounding energy, and a deep sense of being ‘secured’ without any outward interruptions, i.e. PEACE.
4. Slowing Space (528 Hz Solfeggio) – Soothing ambient music combined with the 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency, brainwave entrainment, and forest nature sounds and water, this track is relaxing, balancing and helps you stabilize and anchor the effects of listening to the previous pieces of music.

5. OM Peace (Reprise) – A short, gentle track re-inforcing the grounding vibes set forth in the tracks before…with ocean waves, gentle white noise and a final OM vocal track with a deep piano playing near the end.

Credits: All music recorded, played, and mixed by Benjamin Bubb. Mastered by Landr. MORE CREDITS WILL BE ADDED WHEN THIS RECORD IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED JANUARY 5, 2018. 

Total playing time: 25 minutes

RELEASES JAN 5 2018, but you can listen NOW on SoundCloud!!!