Brand new album for 2017. CD Released 3/20, Digital Version to Release 4/20!

Solfeggio Sound Healing is a collection of carefully crafted music using the Solfeggio frequencies to induce healing, invoke protection, while balancing the nervous system, reducing stress, including creating a natural shield against harmful energies. Soothing ambient music, Solfeggio frequencies, nature sounds and Binaural Beats gently lead the body into a receptive state for healing to occur. This music was produced with the intention to help block out all harmful energies, frequencies and external pollutants which are detrimental to our energetic well-being, and to awaken our inner healing abilities. Please listen to this composition in a quiet place, with stereo speakers or a high quality speaker system. Do not listen to this music while driving or operating heavy machinery. Solfeggio Sound Healing will Balance, Protect and Renew.

Solfeggio Sound Healing is dedicated to the loving memory of Ronda Gardner, a great friend.

This project is dedicated to Ronda Gardner RIP who was a wonderful friend I met online in 2014. She passed away suddenly a year ago in 2016, it was a shock to all who knew this amazing angel. She had a heart of gold, was always willing to listen and help all she could; indeed, she was a prime example of how we are to LOVE one another. I miss you my friend, I dedicate this album in your name as my appreciation and love for the short time I was blessed to know your sweet spirit. Godspeed until we meet again. Much Love.

May this music bring you healing, inner peace, and balance to your everyday life. Each day is a gift, remember that you are loved, and that you do matter, please indulge in self-care daily. Enjoy the tunes.

Track listing information:
1. Solfeggio Meditation – Featuring the Schumann Resonance, 285Hz, 528Hz, and 174Hz Solfeggio frequencies with Alpha, Theta and Delta Brainwave Entrainment combined with nature sounds and ambient music.
2. 285Hz Delta Rain Elixir – Grounding bass tones with low Delta, Theta Brainwave Entrainment, including embedded 285Hz Solfeggio frequencies. Great for grounding.
3. 741Hz Cell Cleanse – Experimental ambient music featuring 741Hz Solfeggio frequencies and theta binaural beats to encourage energetic balancing. Useful for clearing negative energy.
4. 396 Summertime Solace – Lush summertime nature sounds with binaural beats and the 396Hz Solfeggio frequency. May be useful for light meditation and relief from stress and anxiety.

Credits: All music recorded, played, and mixed by Benjamin Bubb. Mastered by Landr. “Rainbow” image by Shaina Niehans, NPS. Additional credits, nature sounds, chimes, et cetera: Benboncan, Paddy Uglow, c97059890, dobroide, Erdie, Euroblues, Glaneur de sons, inchadney, justkiddink, kerri, martypinso, offthesky, RHumphries, stackpool, Coleco, and reinsamba.

Total playing time: 53 Minutes

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